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Thread: JJ and Jones rip the team off camera

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    I'd plus-rep you if I knew how, fellow fishing buddy. Bass is my game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLiP View Post
    I hope Tiltp dies in a car accident or Jeff skinner gets concussed.

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    dale weise, while a borderline NHLer, is the least of our problems.....
    Quote Originally Posted by FlyerDuke View Post
    Dag, while some posters like to bash you, when they mature they will learn to take your posts not as opinion or prediction, but as fact.

    “I don’t know if it was food poisoning or flu or what,” Richards said. “I just didn’t feel very well.”

    Quote Originally Posted by TheTalkingMule View Post
    I'm lost.

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    The last 12-15 minutes of the broadcast you could tell Jones (and JJ) would start to say something negative, and then backtrack, deciding to "toe the company line"..........

    I guess off camera was a different story LOL.

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    I've met Keith Jones off the ice. He is not a company man at all behind closed doors. I asked him what Matt Read's problem was and his answer was "Hockey".

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    Yeah... these guys are human. You really think it's fun for them having to narrate the garbage we're witnessing on the ice every game????? I have no problem with anything they said.


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