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Thread: Fletcher to be named new GM

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    Iíd rather deal him for a goalie than lose for old times sake. Itís a business

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Schultz #8 View Post
    He also has some ND roots LOL. Nepotism still is alive in Flyerland.
    Yep, I already hate him and can't wait until he's fired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banger View Post
    I’d rather deal him for a goalie than lose for old times sake. It’s a business
    If it is a business you may trade him, if it is hockey you keep him and let his contract expire or resign him, one of the only players outside of Laughton that has any balls. If Couturier is your toughest guy on the ice you may make friends with the refs but will lose many games #Co0tshuggybearwillnotfightbecauseiamapussy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Banger View Post
    If I’m fletcher I have a conversation with Simmond’s agent in my first few days. I offer him my best and only offer and give him a week to respond. I also let him know if he doesn’t accept that he’ll be traded. Not as a punishment but we need to know who’s going to be with our team in the future and if we can’t sign him, we can’t let him walk for nothing.

    I assume that Simmonds won’t sign...if he does it’ll be on the teams good terms. When he doesn’t accept I put out the world publicly to every team in the league and give them 2 weeks to come up with their best package and we’ll make a decision on his future then.
    Good post. Have to get what you can with the team struggling like it is.

    Then package for a 2 to 3 year goaltender upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Schultz #8 View Post
    More and more convinced JvR was a business signing and not hockey ops decision. Say what you will about Simmonds but the Flyers need to ride this out with him, no ultimatum. Either pay him or let him play and earn a contract as a UFA, with the new cap space I am sure a team will overpay on short years.
    Simmonds is the ultimate example of the failure of Hextall. He really had no plan. If he wasnít prepared to go for it by now then Simmonds should of been traded two years ago when his value was highest. Why keep around an aging power forward who everyone knew wanted to break the bank on his final contract if you had no intention of being competitive. It was shortsighted and poor asset management.

    Simmonds should be moved but will get the biggest return at the deadline. It will be nowhere near what he could of gotten but there is zero reason to let an asset walk for nothing.


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