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Thread: Trade Target - Nazem Kadri Center Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeusam View Post
    I would do the trade but D is not a strength and no **** is not a strength at D but he's one of the pre-eminent PP QB's in the deny that fact is just hating. Provorov is not a PP QB, may never be, and Sanheim may also never be one. **** like most players on this team are not put in the best situations or paired with the right people to succeed.

    He like Provorov and just about every other player on this sinking ship is struggling because of the discontent and lack of leadership from the worst (by far) coaching staff in the league.
    And in a throwaway season which this board has decided this is, they can afford to move a Ghost in a hockey trade with Myers and Morin in the wings. Remember you have to play guys to see what they have and let them "gel" in the NHL or at least that's what I've read here. Perfect year to do it then.

    Again Ghost is a nice 3rd pairing limited minutes on even strength PP and 3/3 specialist on a cup caliber D. That's not here no matter what anyone thinks. Not yet by a long shot.

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    **** could be a sizable asset if there were a competent coaching staff in place. As it stands you're right, today **** is wasted and a luxury...but Provorov is wasted, Giroux is wasted, everyone's career is wasted because there is an incompetent coaching staff in place.

    This organziation sucks from top to bottom and has for decades. If not for pronger the futility around here would be pushing two decades.

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    I’d definitely be interested in Kadri. He’s not a Hextall type, but no need to worry about that anymore
    Quote Originally Posted by FLiP View Post
    I hope Tiltp dies in a car accident or Jeff skinner gets concussed.


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