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I don't disagree at all with what you're saying but I look at the role jvr played in TO. He averaged less than 15mns ice time every night. Point being, he had talent around him that he probably won't have here. He's going to be counted on to do more. I just think for this team, this roster, the way it's currently constructed, it's a terrible deal to give a 29 year old.

And that's the main point right there, excellent point Zeus...i worry about JVR's heart and intangibles when he's counted on (and being paid) to be "the guy".
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This is what a top 6 forward costs in free agency in 2018. It is what it is. Especially when the free agent market is so thin.
I think the point made by Cheney is, "Is JVR a true top 6 forward?" or is he a product of the talent around him?

My thoughts are fuck the top six, the Flyers lose out because the bottom 6 are so weak. Shutdown 2, 3 guys and you shutdown the team. Maybe investing across the board in the botth six does more.

Of course going into the season with a question mark (or marks) in goal doesn't make you much of a contender.