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Thread: Is this the least entertaining playoffs ever?

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    Caps-Bolts was a good series. Forgot about that. I also enjoyed Vegas-LA, was a shame either goalie had to go home after that series. Still, I'm overall not that interested this year.

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    Fuck James Neal, go Caps.

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    I've actually watched most of the series and have enjoyed a number of them.

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    Well, last nights game was entertaining as hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzz View Post
    Always follow the playoffs all the way through to the Finals. Not just a Flyers hockey fan only.
    Is the game as great as decades ago? Probably not. But still one of my favorite sports to follow & watch.
    I just cant, the nhl I loved is ruined. I'll follow the flyers if they're good, if not many other things to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by connera1 View Post
    Well, last nights game was entertaining as hell.
    Quote Originally Posted by JayPSU View Post
    As long as Homer is here, there is no way in hell that either Carter or Richards are moved. Originally Posted by MnchstrCityBlues79
    Fuck off. I'm a fan, derived from fanaticism. Not born in reason or logic but in passion and dedication. If you don't believe in the intangibles and immeasurables then you are one miserable fuck.

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    The only sport that really holds my attention span at this point in my life are Eagles football games. I have other games on in the background often but I am not focused on and watching them intently. I have seen some VERY entertaining hockey games in this playoffs. Haven't seen either of the finals games and don't think I'll be watching tonight.
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    Think about this Foo, as you celebrate your (in your mind) pyhrric victory in your head tonight. INF dies in his sleep tonight, people are without jobs, can't feed their families. Others are without an option for warm clothing.

    You die, someone is without 80,000 in overhead


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