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    hextall is scared. plain and simple. so he hides safely behind doing nothing and preying draft picks (which yes, they have certainly been good with), work out. well guess what. you also have to judge and price CURRENT NHL talent appropriately and he is horrendous, maybe beyond horrendous if there's such a category, at that. he is a C- GM at best with a middle of the pack team and a D coach that is a miracle away from moving into the upper echelon.

    "Ze Plan" my ass.
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    Dag, while some posters like to bash you, when they mature they will learn to take your posts not as opinion or prediction, but as fact.

    “I don’t know if it was food poisoning or flu or what,” Richards said. “I just didn’t feel very well.”

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    I'm lost.

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    Its bern my experience in life that education as a rule is vastly over rated when it comes to determining proficiency in any job. Some of the smartest folks I know barely made it out of HS. Some of the wealthiest, too.
    Lol, maybe you should educate yourself. Anecdotes don't justify a general conclusion. The research is very strong and unequivocal on this. Educated people fair substantially better in just about every career domain that's been investigated, and they also do better on just about every life metric from happiness to life expectancy to friendship to participate in the arts to civic engagement.
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    As long as Homer is here, there is no way in hell that either Carter or Richards are moved. Originally Posted by MnchstrCityBlues79
    Fuck off. I'm a fan, derived from fanaticism. Not born in reason or logic but in passion and dedication. If you don't believe in the intangibles and immeasurables then you are one miserable fuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentj View Post
    A 3 time cup winning goalie was a “castoff”? LV is playing above and beyond but some of those pieces fell into their laps due to the new expansion rules. And the perfect coach, too.
    Don't forget the salary cap. If the value isn't there, you have to think about moving the contract - assuming you have younger / cheaper that can fill the job.
    That goalie was cast off because they couldn't afford him and Murray and Murray was primed to be the starter.
    The draft rules forced teams to make those calls because of the limited protection they had.
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    I'm okay with Hextall up to now, but he has some work to do this summer. If he is keeping the coach he had better give him a better supporting cast to go along with what he has in Giroux and Voracek. He is going to have some cap space and expiring contracts, this season in many ways was a overachieving season, no one should expect Couturier to have another 70pt season so Hextall needs to address the scoring depth and hope Simmonds has a bounceback season. Elliott and Lyons should be fine as the goalie tandem and we can only hope Stolarz can recover from his injury and Hart adjusts to the professional game at the AHL level.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agentj View Post
    Its bern my experience in life that education as a rule is vastly over rated when it comes to determining proficiency in any job. Some of the smartest folks I know barely made it out of HS. Some of the wealthiest, too.
    Its bern my experience that education as a rule will be a huge asset in any job, also will help in spelling you idiot. Only an uneducated fool would think otherwise.

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    Lars Eller is a free agent this summer...wonder what he’ll go for. He’d look good as a 3rd line center

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    The entire Organization has a stench from top to bottom; there are no checks and balances. Dave Scott is an advertising and TV exec literally at the top of the hockey food chain, he has no Fucking clue what he is doing.

    The President is literally the town drunk attending more AA than hockey meetings who has no business even being allowed out in public let alone running an organization. The day Holmgren almost died a few years back when he got drunk and decided to be a cyclist in Avalon is the day he should have been kicked to the proverbial curb. Instead, he was an acting GM who was so drunk on a daily basis that he couldn't even make trades or attend meetings. Rather than being fired, he was promoted to President.

    Then you have Ron Hextall. Call him Ron. He doesn't go by **** anymore. He's too smart. He put on bifocals and got a raccoon put on his head. He's no longer the retarded, goon goalie with a gaping 5-hole. Instead, he is the genius GM with a plan only he is smart enough to understand.

    At this point, who really gives a fuck other than the Orange Kool-Aid drinking cellar dwellers that reside in mommy's basement?

    Hextall just adds to the lineage of Ex-goon, punch drunk, shitheads that have helmed and littered this organization for the duration of four plus decades.

    Hextall, the absolutely retarded GM in over his head answers to the drunker than a wino President who can't ride a bike who answers to the ad exec who doesn't even know what a hockey puck rightfully is.....awesome.

    The Philadelphia Flyers, better than ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banger View Post
    Lars Eller is a free agent this summer...wonder what he’ll go for. He’d look good as a 3rd line center
    He just signed a 5 year extension this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSP View Post
    He just signed a 5 year extension this year.
    Oopps. Missed that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banger View Post
    I don't have a problem with any of that...all that matters is building a good program...that's why I think it's funny when people say he doesn't have a plan...he has a clear plan, you may not agree with it but he's got a plan and he's sticking to it. You think Lamorillo cared if he was liked or if anyone agreed with him? No good GM would care about any of that....realistically he could be the nicest guy in the world does anyone think that would change what the fans are going to think of him? Stevens the cake baker was a great guy and was run out of town...
    This x 1000. I dont give a flying fuck what he or any other salesman/politician says other than the results they produce. Year 5 continues to trend up then great. Nothing else really matters.

    Anyway I don't get all emo about pro sports at this stage in my life. Eagles won the fucking SB. Phils and Flyers are trending up. 6ers too I guess if I could get through a pro bball game.

    I could see relentlessly complaining if they had an old team on the decline but quite the opposite. One of the youngest and trending up... so why the incessant crying? It's kind of sad. Watch Provorov and co. and enjoy some of the good in life FFS. Don't like then turn off the TV. Get some exercise and enjoy the summer or whatever this is.


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