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    Quote Originally Posted by Banger View Post
    You think Lamorillo cared if he was liked or if anyone agreed with him? No good GM would care about any of that
    If Lou Lamorillo wanted the Flyers GM job, back up the Brinks' truck, and offer the moon and the stars, whatever..............I would hope that Scott couldn't fire Saint Ronnie fast enough.
    How funky is your chicken? How funky is your chicken?
    How loose is your goose? Our goose is totally loose.....
    So c'mon all you Flyer fans.......c'mon all you Flyer fans
    And shake your Caboose !! Shake your Caboose !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryboy7 View Post
    If Lou Lamorillo wanted the Flyers GM job, back up the Brinks' truck, and offer the moon and the stars, whatever..............I would hope that Scott couldn't fire Saint Ronnie fast enough.
    Please. Old Lou hasn’t won a Cup in the last 15 years & you want to scrap Hextall’s rebuild after 4?

    I’m sure you would have long fired Winnipeg’s GM, too.
    Quote Originally Posted by FLiP View Post
    I hope Tiltp dies in a car accident or Jeff skinner gets concussed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keiththethief View Post
    The entire Organization has a stench from top to bottom; there are no checks and balances. Dave Scott is an advertising and TV exec literally at the top of the hockey food chain, he has no Fucking clue what he is doing.

    The President is literally the town drunk attending more AA than hockey meetings who has no business even being allowed out in public let alone running an organization. The day Holmgren almost died a few years back when he got drunk and decided to be a cyclist in Avalon is the day he should have been kicked to the proverbial curb. Instead, he was an acting GM who was so drunk on a daily basis that he couldn't even make trades or attend meetings. Rather than being fired, he was promoted to President.

    Then you have Ron Hextall. Call him Ron. He doesn't go by **** anymore. He's too smart. He put on bifocals and got a raccoon put on his head. He's no longer the retarded, goon goalie with a gaping 5-hole. Instead, he is the genius GM with a plan only he is smart enough to understand.

    At this point, who really gives a fuck other than the Orange Kool-Aid drinking cellar dwellers that reside in mommy's basement?

    Hextall just adds to the lineage of Ex-goon, punch drunk, shitheads that have helmed and littered this organization for the duration of four plus decades.

    Hextall, the absolutely retarded GM in over his head answers to the drunker than a wino President who can't ride a bike who answers to the ad exec who doesn't even know what a hockey puck rightfully is.....awesome.

    The Philadelphia Flyers, better than ever.
    Always enjoy a KTT “mommy’s basement” reference.
    Originally Posted by DrunkenCoatsey
    This thread here, I'm pretty sure it what the Internet was made for. A never ending battle to summit Mt. Retard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentj View Post
    Its bern my experience in life that education as a rule is vastly over rated when it comes to determining proficiency in any job. Some of the smartest folks I know barely made it out of HS. Some of the wealthiest, too.
    Yes..........and generally they are sales reps or immediately learned a trade and parlayed it into a business.

    Hextall is neither. He's an ex-jock who got his job because he played professionally for the franchise. He's now responsible for running a 9-figure operation and dealing with all aspects of financial management.

    He's an idiot..........and not intelligent.


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