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First Simmonds trade Calgary?
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Thread: First Simmonds trade Calgary?

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    First Simmonds trade Calgary?

    For Doug E Hamilton ?

    Hamilton's cap hit is 5.75 for the next three seasons. He has limited NTC that kicks in the last 2 years.

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    "Hamilton could step up and play on the first power play unit beside Shayne Gostisbehere and take Claude Giroux away from the point."

    Yeah, that's all I needed to read about this so-called "rumor."
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    Simmonds and one of the 1st Rounders for Dougie Hamilton??? No thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hatchet Drive View Post
    Simmonds and one of the 1st Rounders for Dougie Hamilton??? No thank you.
    Laughably badd trade idea and even Worse article. Literally anyone can write an article nowadays.

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    Didn’t read the article, but there isn’t really a reason for Calgary to trade him, so it would have to be an overpayment to get him. I wouldn’t lose sleep over Simmonds and 19th pick for Hamilton. The defense would instantly be better, so I’d understand the logic. It would probably allow Hextall to move one of the D prospects for a forward.

    I’d rather trade Voracek straight up for Hamilton if the Flyers feel like they really want Hamilton on the team.

    My preference would be to ride it out and be aggressive in free agency.

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    Did DS8 write that article?
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    Quote Originally Posted by abstract View Post
    Did DS8 write that article?

    LOL, was thinking the same thing.
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    Trading for a defenseman who makes 5.75m when cheap defensive talent depth is a strength of your team?

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    It doesn't make sense UNLESS you trade a d man for a quality forward.

    Seems like it is more of a sideways move if you do this...but maybe you get a forward who is under contract longer and younger.

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    so far the only reasonable rumor (and it wasn't even to that level) was including Simmonds in a deal to move up in the draft.
    I don't think the Flyers see him as an asset to move laterally if they move him.
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