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Dave Hakstol Article on
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Thread: Dave Hakstol Article on

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    Post Dave Hakstol Article on

    Hakstol's success with Flyers could open NHL doors for college coaches

    ...and go...

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    He’s a trail blazer...seriously though, it’s stupid the nhl haven’t used coaches outside their bubble but it’s typical of how hockey progresses. Now that someone did it, it’s ok. Bunch of lemmings.

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    i'm sorry-can someone share with me his "success"?
    Quote Originally Posted by FlyerDuke View Post
    Dag, while some posters like to bash you, when they mature they will learn to take your posts not as opinion or prediction, but as fact.

    “I don’t know if it was food poisoning or flu or what,” Richards said. “I just didn’t feel very well.”

    Quote Originally Posted by TheTalkingMule View Post
    I'm lost.

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    He would win an Oscar for best stoneface

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    And if the coaching thing doesn't pan out he can always get work at Easter Island.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood2001 View Post
    i'm sorry-can someone share with me his "success"?
    Seriously, terrible article.

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    He won 2 playoff games with Matt fucking Read in the lineup. You don't consider that success?

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    prior to getting cancer and dying, there were rumors Coach Walsh (UMO) was being courted for a head coaching job in the NHL.... he would have been a good one, imo
    Danny Briere:
    I’ve been extremely lucky, I am doing what I love to do, and playing in a series every hockey player dreams of. I wanted to share this moment, not only with my friends and family, but with a few kids that are in a need of a reason to smile!

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    Well he was successful at prioritizing structured veterans over youth and getting embarrassed in the playoffs.
    Quote Originally Posted by TherienLiesTheProblem View Post
    Gauthier played on Aube-Kubel's team, so they've seen him plenty of times. Hextall did seem to shift and touch his face when asked about Gauthier -- some would say it was a poker tell, although probably just a coincidence.
    Quote Originally Posted by EdmFlyersFan View Post
    Ovenchicken held scoreless also so far.

    This is the kind of thing that will never ever let anyone take you seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLiP View Post
    Well he was successful at prioritizing structured veterans over youth and getting embarrassed in the playoffs.
    I would laugh but that statement is too accurate and we will have to put up with it again next year.


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