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Thread: Off Season Potential Moves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Th30racl3 View Post
    I remember when we signed rathje therien and Hatcher instead of one niedermayer look how that ended up
    That was Clarke trying to call the NHLs bluff about the new rules and failing miserably.

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    Hextall is on the record as saying he “would like” to get another center, help on the PK at forward, and a veteran D man (I think he specifically mentioned top 4 d man in a recent interview). He also mentioned that he doesn’t want a ton of term as they want to continue getting younger.

    You can’t go into next season hoping Vorobyev is a 3C. He hasn’t shown that level of success at the AHL level yet. Scouting reports around the draft mentioned that Frost projects as a winger in the NHL.

    Toronto will probably go nuts to get Carlson.

    If the Flyers really want Tavares (and he leaves NYI), I think there may be SOME appeal there. San Jose will be a big bidder, but their core is getting older so their window will be shorter. Montreal will be a big bidder, but how close are they to winning? Weber and Price are injured all the time. The Flyers have a decent core with a ton of promising prospects on the brink of the NHL. I don’t know how much he wants to stay in the Eastern Conference, but it’s an interesting thought.

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    You can thank Dean Lombardi for the Rathje recommendation.

    Re: Tavares, I agree they can give a good sales pitch given their #1 prospects ranking plus they are already a playoff team.
    Quote Originally Posted by FLiP View Post
    I hope Tiltp dies in a car accident or Jeff skinner gets concussed.

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    Tavares will get 10M plus if he stays in Long Island, hometown discount.
    If he signs elsewhere you're looking at $11M per.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSP View Post
    That was Clarke trying to call the NHLs bluff about the new rules and failing miserably.
    No I know I'm just saying I'd want tavares over getting 2 or 3 2nd liners. I think he'd want to stay east and him with what we already got we could go toe to toe with anyone in the league offensively. It's not like we have 7 mill in cap and need to wiggle to get him in we have the space. I just hope he doesn't go to a team like lets say the devils.

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    The more I think about it the more I think there will be no changes to the team at all; minor at best.
    Goaltending , defense , forward will remain virtually intact ( will add a forward through free agency-3rd Line is all)

    Be funny to see them take a step back
    Pussy Galore

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    Quote Originally Posted by mammothflyer View Post
    Go after Evander Kane. Hopefully he grew out of his off ice antics. He is tough, a LW, and can put the puck in the net.
    I'd love that. Don't care if he parties. Just play hard and put the puck in the net.

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    I'm not sure he has out grown anything considering his suspension in the play-offs. Seems just as immature as ever. Some people never outgrow that stuff. Maybe when no one wants to sign him and all he can get is a 1 year, $1M prove it deal, he might learn. But someone is going to give him a big deal just because they hope he has matured and he can score 25+ goals.

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    That looked like more of an oops than a malicious cross check to the face. I am more concerned with him being a cancer in the locker room. From what everyone said about him in San Jose it seems he has grown up a bit. 25 seems like a turning point in most kids when they go from a punk ass kid to starting to get it. Just my experience. He could still be a total asshole who thinks only about himself, pussy, booze, and money.

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    I would do it if it was cheap. I just think that someone will give him a big contract, basically using the same logic you outlined plus the 29 goals he scored.

    What does everyone think of the idea of signing Stastny? He had a good year and is having a really good play-off run. He could be a decent 3C option.


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