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Thread: GDT - Flyers vs. Devils 2/13

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    Hey O&B, I got two for one on that line my friend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Schultz #8 View Post
    Hey O&B, I got two for one on that line my friend!
    Yes, you did. Imagine what you could catch without tying a rock to the end of your line though.

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    lol, ds8 isn't smart enough to troll anyone. He's truly that dumb.

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    ***** got made on that PK, does that count as a minus and hurt his Selke chances?

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    flyers goaltending=browns QBs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian822 View Post
    flyers goaltending=browns QBs.
    Pretty much.
    Quote Originally Posted by FLiP View Post
    I hope Tiltp dies in a car accident or Jeff skinner gets concussed.

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    Wow, ***** is one fucking lazy skater!

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    fucking garbage

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    Not watching.
    Guessing that they played prevent mode in the 3rd?

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    Some sloppy play by the Flyers tonight and a lot of wasted opportunities.

    I gotta say though I've been very impressed by how much Nolan Patrick has improved. He and TK are going to be fun to watch for many years.


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