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Thread: 20-8-2

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    Question 20-8-2

    20-8-2 since the 10 game losing streak; who gets credit? There was plenty of blame during the losing streak.


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    Reluctantly have to say Hakstol.

    He's made several surprising lineup moves that have worked wildly great ....
    G to wing, Couts top line C
    Konecny to top line
    Ghost with Provorov
    Even Patrick to the second line and moving Laughton up to the 3rd line C look good.

    Couple that with the team showing much more consistent effort on a nightly basis and it looks like the coaching staff are doing something right.
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    Turns out the coach was right. They weren't as bad as the record showed. They seem to be a bend but don't break team, especially when it comes to goaltending. When they do break it looks really bad, but they have done a good job picking up points and winning games.

    Still pretty boring to watch though, unfortunately. Hopefully playoff hockey changes things.

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    I'm generally happy with them and their pretty good record so far. Quibble over some stuff like usage and not having more kids up but they are in the hunt of home ice and that's all that really matters right now. Next season they will promote a few more kids and things are progressing nicely overall.

    The high low offensive system is still lame though and of course the pk is embarrassing.

    Oh yeah the prevent thing doesn't work very well against NHL attacks. When will he learn this? Coach is slow.

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    Hard to believe it, but the stars are aligning for the Pens to beat the brakes off of the Flyers in the first round. Maybe Crosby will bring his rings and let Giroux see what they look like. Like a fucking fantasy camp.

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    Amazing that the issue for Flyers is still goaltending!


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