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Thread: GDT: Flyers @ Devils 1/13/2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLiP View Post
    You can just change “can’tscorier” to “canscorier”
    Ha. That works too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banger View Post
    As am I. They never win when I go. Big 2 points. Coscoreier was great. 1st star
    Quote Originally Posted by FLiP View Post
    You can just change “can’tscorier” to “canscorier”
    Stick with FLiP’s name.
    Quote Originally Posted by NoSlackDelta View Post
    You know how you can tell you've fucked up and sound like an idiot, when you've got people like Nora and I in complete agreement with each other on an issue.

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    I too went to the game. The crowd was pretty good. Apparently they tried to clean up some of the language and chants after they built the BMW building but the do hard fans refused. So even though they did away with the encouragement over the PA the fans still lead ranges suck flyers swallow chants and a you suck themed goal song. All in all it was pretty funny. And died off when the flyers took the lead.

    Also a good amount of nico's better heckling.

    As for the game is was really sloppy for the flyers in general but they made up for it being opportunistic goal scorers. I can't believe Couturier this year. I'm very happy to have been completely wrong about his offensive game.

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    Happy for *****, but let’s keep it real on the expectations, we see this all the time. Player A has one breakout year and then falls back to realistic expectations. Problem is Flyers fans are not realistic so he will be touted as the next Tim Kerr. He has kept his game simple and score from around the net, good for him but that has been obvious in regards to his game for several years. Monstah Seanie is not going to realistically be a 50 goal scorer, but if he could provide 20-25 goals and center his own line as the 2nd line center is would be a big help.

    That being said. I would still trade him in the right deal as his value will never be higher! Funny how people so quickly people forget the rise and fall of such players as Lightning Raffl and Goal Scoring Read! I would also like to see ***** be a little more of a leader and for his ball sack to drop, he is the biggest pussy on the ice when the gloves start to drop. Maybe a better name for him is Run and Hide *****!

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    Right, we should compare an 8th overall draft pick finally finding his scoring touch (by driving the net) to 2 undrafted free agents.

    Let's just be happy that he has been able to score while not sacrificing his two way game.
    Couldn't care less

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    Exhibit A of the unrealistic Flyers fan, enjoy the ride my friend!

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    Most people had him pegged as a 3c at best. Then this year we laughed about him being 1c with giroux on his wing. After early success most were sure he couldn't sustain it.

    I'm happy to admit I was wrong. He always had chances he could just never finish. Now the pucks are going in. I don't know what to expect year to year or long term but I'm thrilled for now that I was wrong about this year. I assume he'll cool off a bit but even if he does he could wind up with 35 goals and 70 points. Who knew.

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    Do we want to revisit the Jeff Carter is a perennial 40 goal scorer discussion? Happy for his success but if he is doing this now does it open up the opportunity to move Giroux back to center and ***** to the 2nd line center? Again, I would be more than happy to see him at the 25 goal mark regularly but long term I do not foresee him sustaining this long term.

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    DS8, I will revisit the Jeff Carter discussion. He is a perenially 20+ goal scorer with a gold medal, two Stanley Cups and was one of the top #2 centers in the NHL for half a decade. All those fuckers on this site who ran him out of town were fucking wrong. Just like with Bryz over Bob etc. And hopefully just like I was wrong about Couturier. Just like people who said Giroux was done.


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