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Thread: Ivan Provorov

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    Question Ivan Provorov

    What will his next contract look like?
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    The NHL game looks like it is too fast for him (Provorov) right now. Not Physically, but mentally. He makes rushed and panicked decisions. He is absolutely horrendous with traffic in front of the net...not good enough for the NHL either...
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    Is FLiP short for Fat Liar in Philly?
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    ...take the fagboi glasses off FLiP.
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    ... I have never seen a bigger queer [than FLiP] in my life.
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    What an idiot (FLiP). And the sad part is, he actually believes the nonsense he spews here.

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    Maybe 7 or 8 X $6 or $6.5 I’d guess

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    Probably something like this

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    You guys are a bunch of insufferable cunts.

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    He doesnt produce enough offensively to go above 6.

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    He's on pace to crack 40 points. If he ran PP 1 he'd probably get 20 Goals and 50 points. But you're right, the point total might bring it down a little. He is turning 21 in a couple days. The Flyers could go 8 years 45 million and end up with a steal and own his 20s.
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    Gauthier played on Aube-Kubel's team, so they've seen him plenty of times. Hextall did seem to shift and touch his face when asked about Gauthier -- some would say it was a poker tell, although probably just a coincidence.
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    Ovenchicken held scoreless also so far.

    This is the kind of thing that will never ever let anyone take you seriously.

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    Tied for 4th in goals by a defenseman and top 40 in points playing tough ass minutes every night and is about to turn 21. He's gonna get a fat contract.

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    I would max the number of years on the contract. I think that's 8, IIRC. I would do 8 years at $6M. That might seem rich now but it will probably be a steal later.

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    He’d be an idiot to accept 8 years @ $6M
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    I hope Tiltp dies in a car accident or Jeff skinner gets concussed.


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