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Ivan Provorov
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Thread: Ivan Provorov

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    Question Ivan Provorov

    What will his next contract look like?

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    Maybe 7 or 8 X $6 or $6.5 I’d guess

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    Probably something like this

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    He doesnt produce enough offensively to go above 6.

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    He's on pace to crack 40 points. If he ran PP 1 he'd probably get 20 Goals and 50 points. But you're right, the point total might bring it down a little. He is turning 21 in a couple days. The Flyers could go 8 years 45 million and end up with a steal and own his 20s.
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    Tied for 4th in goals by a defenseman and top 40 in points playing tough ass minutes every night and is about to turn 21. He's gonna get a fat contract.

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    I would max the number of years on the contract. I think that's 8, IIRC. I would do 8 years at $6M. That might seem rich now but it will probably be a steal later.

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    He’d be an idiot to accept 8 years @ $6M
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