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Thread: Elite Defensemen: Necessity to win a cup?

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    Subban is definitely better suited for Laviolette hockey. No question. This current series would be just little bit more fun to watch if Weber were involved.
    Quote Originally Posted by TherienLiesTheProblem View Post
    Gauthier played on Aube-Kubel's team, so they've seen him plenty of times. Hextall did seem to shift and touch his face when asked about Gauthier -- some would say it was a poker tell, although probably just a coincidence.
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    Ovenchicken held scoreless also so far.

    This is the kind of thing that will never ever let anyone take you seriously.

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    I don't think it was a coincident the Flyers went to the finals when they had Pronger and Timonen. Also back when they had Desjardins and Coffey. Having elite level defensemen is important but I think having "good" goaltending is also a major part of winning.

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    Blueliners can control the game, dictate tempo. So yes, I believe having a #1 is essential to being a Cup winner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MSP View Post
    Is Subban or Josi considered a #1 D? Even if they aren't, Nashville has so much quality on D that it doesn't matter.
    Josi is one of the best D men in the league - definitely a #1 and probably an elite one.

    He's 3rd in D scoring over the last 3 years behind only Burns and Karlsson. 8th in goals.
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    As long as Homer is here, there is no way in hell that either Carter or Richards are moved. Originally Posted by MnchstrCityBlues79
    Fuck off. I'm a fan, derived from fanaticism. Not born in reason or logic but in passion and dedication. If you don't believe in the intangibles and immeasurables then you are one miserable fuck.

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    IMO, the elite number one D-man is the second most difficult position in American team sports to acquire, right after franchise QB in football.

    In the current playoffs, again IMO, the two best players have been Karlsson and Josi. I know Getzlaf has been a major stud especially on the scoreboard and I'm not trying to belittle what he has done.

    I won't say that a true number one elite D-man is necessary to win a Cup these days, but the chances are much much greater when a team has one (or two).

    10 years ago when the Ducks won with Pronger and Neidermeyer, they basically had one of those guys on the ice at all times. In my deepest, darkest, and wettest dreams regarding Flyers hockey -- Provorov and Morin reprise the roles of the former players but play multiple years with the Flyers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluehenJK View Post
    Nashville has so much talent on the blue line that Subban is really #4. Puck-handling d-men who can get shots through are a huge key to playoff success for them. Provorov looks like he has the skills to maybe reach that type of level.
    The first thing would be to define "elite" vice a true first pairing. I would say no need for an elite defenseman, rather a need for a true first pairing, depth and guys who can skate and help the offense.
    Provorov is probably the only first pairing guy the Flyers have currently, is he elite, only time (and opinions) will tell.
    Given the minutes Provorov was logging, it's an indication the Flyers lack depth. Flyers were protecting a weakness, that says they lack depth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brian822 View Post
    Subban is absolutely a #1 dman.
    So is Josi... Ellis and Ekholm are real good too. That's why Nashville is so good. They have 3 d-men averaging over 25 minutes of ice time. This is what the Flyers are trying to do if Hextall ever lets them play in the NHL.

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    Every coach worth his salt will tell you that all offensive plays start in the D zone... #1 dmen are hard to come by but essential to be successful.

    Provorov absolutely has the potential... mix in a few more of the high quality young guys and the Flyers will be set for a long time... if they can pay them all
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    The other thing they all have in common is a number 1/2 pick on their roster...

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    The Flyers did win their 2 Cups without an "elite" defenseman, so it is possible............of course they had 3-4 "rock-solid" blueliners and Bernie was playing out of his mind, which definitely helps..........


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