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Thread: Sam Morin had surgery?

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    Sam Morin had surgery?

    That's weird...the Flyers keeping a player's injury a secret...... Same fucking franchise for the last 4 decades.

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    They gotta keep it a secret, if they just came out and told us, we would know, and they can't have that.
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    found pics: http://highlandparkhockey.blogspot.c...rgery.html?m=1

    didnt see them originally on his Instagram. Maybe he took them down.
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    WGAS? Why is this anyone's business with the season over for two weeks?

    If he can't make camp in September then it will be a concern worth noting.

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    Non issue, there are a good amount of surgeries after every season. If it were an Achilles, ACL or brain surgery....I would be more concerned.

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    I figured... he didnt look himself in the playoffs
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    Double wrist surgery expected back in July. Or he heard Gordon wasn't leaving LV and tried to end it all.

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    Odd they did them both at once. Isn't that normally something you stagger? Where is the nurse to answer this question.

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    It's best to apply Adamanthium in one procedure.


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