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Thread: GDT: Raleigh at the Flyers 3/19/17

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    what an embarrassing disgraceful team #11
    Quote Originally Posted by FlyerDuke View Post
    Dag, while some posters like to bash you, when they mature they will learn to take your posts not as opinion or prediction, but as fact.

    “I don’t know if it was food poisoning or flu or what,” Richards said. “I just didn’t feel very well.”

    Quote Originally Posted by TheTalkingMule View Post
    I'm lost.

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    Go canes go

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    Hell of a comeback to win this game.

    Monster game by Couturier.

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    Too little too late for couturier. And a lot of others.
    Quote Originally Posted by TherienLiesTheProblem View Post
    Gauthier played on Aube-Kubel's team, so they've seen him plenty of times. Hextall did seem to shift and touch his face when asked about Gauthier -- some would say it was a poker tell, although probably just a coincidence.
    Quote Originally Posted by EdmFlyersFan View Post
    Ovenchicken held scoreless also so far.

    This is the kind of thing that will never ever let anyone take you seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLiP View Post
    Too little too late for couturier. And a lot of others.
    Well, the season is over & they have no chance at this point of making the playoffs.

    With that said, a strong game by a few players. Especially Couturier, Provorov & Konecny. Gostisbehere looked good too.

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    Couturier was great, but TK and provorov are chugging along. Both with great games again, this is the time of year you see guys like this hit a wall, yet these two are getting better and better. This is why I'm still watching these games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeusam View Post
    I'm amazed anyone's watching and stunned there's a GDT.
    not watching (did not watch). GDT is only 2 pages.
    It will grow tomorrow when all those people who didn't watch the game offer their analysis of the play.

    I had no intention of watching, someone else in the house wanted to watch so I found something else to do.
    “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.”

    Mark Twain on the members of Capitol Hill.

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    I didn't even realize they were playing tonight until I saw the score like 10 minutes ago.

    Couturier with 3 assists, Provorov with a goal and 2 assists. Konecny and Weise(!) with the other two goals in regulation, Schenn with the OT winner.

    Pretty much a meaningless two points at this stage of the season, unfortunately.
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    Good game by *****, Konecny and Provorov. Where have G, V, Simmonds and the PP gone though. And that was the most emotion from Hakstol after the late tying goal that I've seen all season.


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