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Thread: GDT: Flyers at NJ Devils 3/16/17

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    I'll accept a 9-8 win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzz View Post
    Just tonight?
    He's usually bad. Tonight he has made so many stupid plays. It's bad enough to stand out from his usual horrendousness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidgePigeBo578 View Post
    Ken danyko and Steve canigilosi might be the worst announcing crew right now. The Boston guys suck, and I hate the pens guys too. Rick jeanerette is pretty awful too.
    Daneyko sounds like Marty Funkhouser from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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    He has so much trouble pronouncing words like "Philadelphia" and "victory" and he runs out of breath after speaking for 2 seconds. I get it, he's gotten his noggin rocked around, but maybe keep him off the mic.

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    I ran into Daneyko at an Irish pub in Clifton, NJ (Shannon Rose) about 7 years ago..........dude was speaking in mumbles, obviously Wasted.

    It was at a team function, too ( yeah way to go, be a team's spokesman and show up at a function Sloshed, LOL).

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    Taylor Hall just schooled Gostisbehere on that goal.

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    Mason hurt....Again. Him and Neuvirth are made of glass. Hall abused him on that mobe

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    Flyers still suck?

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    Just a really bad team. It's blunder after blunder out there.
    Quote Originally Posted by FLiP View Post
    I hope Tiltp dies in a car accident or Jeff skinner gets concussed.

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    Devils always look like the best team in the league against the flyers.

    Second time this year they have ended a long winless streak against the flyers.
    Couldn't care less


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