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Thread: How does Hextall still get a pass with so many fans?

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    How does Hextall still get a pass with so many fans?

    Hextall takes over for Holmgren in May of 2014. Shortly after he identifies the cap as a big problem and this is where he starts:

    Hartnell (4.75 for 5) for Umberger (4.6 for 3) and a 4th round pick

    Which evolves into.....

    Buyout RJ Umberger (Hartnell 143pts in 221 games vs Umberger 26 in 106), which costs Philly 1.6 this year and 1.5 next.

    Because we have a lack of scoring, created by dealing Hartnell to save cap space, Hextall uses that savings in cap to sign a UFA....

    Flyers sign Dale Weise to be the grinding scorer to replace Hartnell/Umberger's prodcution. He's signed at 2.35 for 4 years.

    So now the actual breakdown of Hartnell, to Umberger, to Umberger buyout and re-invested Umberger money into Weise is.....

    14-15 - .15 saved (19G and 26A LOST)
    15-16 - .25 saved (21 G and 20A LOST)
    16-17 - .8 saved (11G and 18A LOST so far)
    17-18 - .9 saved (TBD)
    18-19 - 2.35 LOST (TBD)
    19-20 - 2.35 LOST (TBD)

    This move encapsulates everything that pisses me off about the way Hextall has handled the ON ICE product. We gave away a superior player, to get a middle of the road draft pick and "save cap", but we haven't saved hardly anything and what was saved, has been re-invested in a terrible player, who we now hope we can clear off the books. In the meantime, we've pissed away 3 years of Giroux's prime.

    I will give him all the credit in the world for doing a solid job drafting and re-stocking the cupboard, but when I look at the math above and I look at how this team has gone from Lavy, to Berube to Hakstol or how it CONTINUALLY re-invests money saved into Dale Weise, Michael Raffl, PEB, Neuvirth, Gudas, Gordon, Medvedev, etc, I don't get it.

    Has he made some good moves, sure. What has he done with the cap savings however?

    8.25+ to Voracek (a year early, which resulted in an overpayment)
    4.33 to Couturier (who doesn't bring as much value as Hartnell did...who he couldn't wait to dump)
    2.25 to Schultz (cause he was our best defenseman in a year where we had NO good defenseman)
    3.00 to Medvedev (We needed scoring, so naturally sign an unproven KHL defenseman for 3 million and scratch him till he gets a DUI or two)
    3.35 to Gudas (who I do like, but who should be replaced by Morin before his current contract is up)
    3.875 for MDZ (Because he couldn't let his reclamation project go via trade. As an RFA, MDZ for sure had value if we wanted to deal him)
    2.35 to Raffl (You paid a guy we KNEW couldn't score with anyone, but Giroux and Voracek and expected him to consistently score 20+)
    2.35 to Weise (who doesn't score and doesn't bring anything else to the table)
    2.5 to Neuvirth (who can't be our starter...and oh, btw in case you forgot, we don't actually HAVE a starter)
    1.4 to PEB (who is a good soldier, but can be replaced at a much cheaper cost)

    Then we finally have cap space coming open (which seems to be his only focus outside of drafting) and he acquires Filppula, who carries with him a 5 million dollar price tag next year. I like Filppula and I think he's very clearly the 2nd best C on this team, but if you goal was to cut cap and make changes it makes no sense. If you're not looking to cut cap and you want to be a playoff team, why do you keep signing redundant, unimpressive, ineffective players, instead of signing better players, making moves via trade or saving up cap space until you CAN get what you actually need? If you can't do ANY of those things, why in god's name are you not burning it to the ground, relying on your strength in drafting, getting the young guys in the lineup and maxing out value for the aging stars?

    This is why I don't understand the "patience" fan group. Patience for what, because I'm not sure what we're actually waiting for?
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    Well said...ive been amazed at the pass he gets still, but I've been saying he's done a poor job since the completely unforgivable Hartnell trade.
    Then the hiring of his son's coach and family friend Hakstol, has really been the straw breaker for me as it's obviously he's not an NHL coach, after his team won the ncaa championship I'm not sure he's even much of a college coach.
    In my mind both should be fired at seasons end, both have done terrible jobs with the roster.

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    I had hope for Hextall, but he's made way too many blatant misevaluations to be ignored.

    Umberger. Extending Schultz and Del Zotto. Signing Weise and Gordon. Having Weal in the minors all season. Having Ghost in the minors for a month last season. The Bellemare contract.
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    Alot of the CORSI crew, gets off talking about 4th round picks playing in the Swedish 3rd tier league. They think every prospect vis great so they won't rip Hextall as long as he drafts players. Not playing any of the young dmen in a lost season was a huge mistake.

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    His one blind spot so far has been the "value" signings.

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    I agree with most of this. Hextall is doing a bad job and getting a pass. I will just say that the two deals I did like was Coburn for Gudas and a pick, and also Streit for Filppula - even with his $5M next year. Filppula has shown just how bad this team needed another top 6 player. Now, I don't have any confidence in Hextall to do it this offseason, but they actually need one more and then might be able to compete if the defense is decent next year.

    Also what the fuck Hextall, keeping Weal in the minors for that long? He can clearly play.

    The only problem I have going for a new GM is that there are so many bad ones out there. Worse than Hextall.

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    This had already been explained. Do a post search and you can figure it out.

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    A lot of untradable players imo ...I would try to attach a draft pick ton some just to get them out and more forward. The return is irrelevant.
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    Agree with the OP.
    Quote Originally Posted by TherienLiesTheProblem View Post
    Gauthier played on Aube-Kubel's team, so they've seen him plenty of times. Hextall did seem to shift and touch his face when asked about Gauthier -- some would say it was a poker tell, although probably just a coincidence.
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    Ovenchicken held scoreless also so far.

    This is the kind of thing that will never ever let anyone take you seriously.


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