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Thread: Some NHL/Flyers stuff that might be helpful

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    Bmp, please see my original post in this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by LeafSittler View Post
    Let me tell you why I know more. It's not because I'm Canadian. It's because I played 3 years in the OHL and played for the Memorial Cup. It's because I played 2 years in the AHL and if not for a bum knee, I might have gotten my shot at the NHL.

    Quote Originally Posted by revdon64 View Post
    I don't say stuff like this, but if I got a hold of you right now I'd probably bash your head into the stone floor until it burst like an overripe melon. In the future you're welcome to keep your fuck ed up opinions to yourself.

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    wait until LeBron shocks the world and signs here to work with all these youngins....
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