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ICU: Its Time for Change

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According to Mike Richards, “A lack of intensity and focus for these game led by me and it’s gotta change and it’s going to change starting Friday.” He waits until there are two games left in the season and they have lost the lead in the East and are a point from losing the lead in the Atlantic to say something more than "I am not answering that question again," when asked about the lack of intensity.

I find it funny that Richards waited until the team wasted his two goal effort to finally make a statement to the media. Richards has had three multiple point games since the All-Star break. Meanwhile the team has wasted a few good performances from a rookie goaltender that could have benefited from seeing the team in front of him bust their ass every once in awhile. I guess Richards didn't care since was his lead the team was following.

Other leaders on the team were calling the team out months ago, but those words fell on def ears, and for the last month the team has looked like utter shit. Hopefully the procrastination method will work for this team again. Something tells me it will take more than two games to get the team back up to top performance speed, and they are going to need a favorable first round match-up, like last year, if they have a chance to make a deep run.

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