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  1. Union Schedule Finally Out, Now I have a Tough Choice

    Full Union schedule was announced today, here's the link:


    There's plenty of discussion to be had here, what with the multiple trips out West and a brutal July stretch. But you can find that dribble most anywhere. Let's talk about my quandary, eh?


    One part of not living in Philly really ...

    Updated 02-12-2011 at 08:45 PM by drmellie

    MLS / Union
  2. ICU: Flyers - Hurricanes Pregame

    Former Flyer Joni Pitkanen will probably miss tonight's game after taking a shot in leg during Tuesday's contest against the Devils.

    Flyers - Hurricanes Pregame

    After a lengthy five day break, the Flyers are back in action tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes. The Canes are coming down from Newark, New Jersey where two nights ago they lost to the Devils in overtime. The Canes gave up ...
    NHL / Flyers
  3. ICU: Atlanta Crashers

    Dustin Byfuglien is leading his team directly out of the playoff race, where they have ended 9 of their 10 seasons.

    Atlanta Crashers
    All during the month of December, every time I turned on any NHL related broadcast or recap show, all the talking heads were telling me how Dustin Byfuglien was the leading candidate to win the Norris Trophy and how he was going to lead his team into the playoffs. ...
    NHL / Flyers
  4. ICU: One Team's Misfortune...

    Evgeni Malkin will be sidelined for 6-9 months after tearing the ACL and MCL in his right knee.

    ...Is the Flyers' gain
    After an eventful weekend, here are five ways that the Flyers and their fans benefited from other team's misfortunes over the weekend.

    1) Evgeni Malkin out for the season:
    Now, I am not encouraging fans to cheer at the season ending injury of a rival player, ...
    NHL / Flyers
  5. Exploring The Emery Rumors

    At one time Ray Emery was a top goaltending prospect for all the right reasons. Emery was athletic, quick, fiery and a battler around the crease. Last year when the Flyers brought him in, at some considerable risk, due to his supposed "attitude problems" Emery immediately rewarded them by playing very solid hockey and with none of the "extra" issues fans in Ottawa remembered ...
    Tags: emery, flyers
    NHL / Flyers
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