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  1. Toux and O!

    Many firsts this week for the Philadelphia Union. The first winning streak in team history. The first double clean sheet in league play. The first week sitting on top of the conference. The first goal for Carlos Ruiz as a Union player, a former MLS Golden Boot winner and MVP. Everyone's happy. But it all almost didn't happen.

    Saturday's game changed ...
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  2. Clean Sheet!

    What was the difference?? That is the question, this Sunday, after the Philadelphia Union opened their sophomore season with a 1-0 shutout(clean sheet) over the Houston Dynamo yesterday. It was only the franchise's 3rd ever clean sheet in league play but it took them 23 games last season to record their first. It was a September 11th win over Chicago that ...

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  3. Union Schedule Finally Out, Now I have a Tough Choice

    Full Union schedule was announced today, here's the link:


    There's plenty of discussion to be had here, what with the multiple trips out West and a brutal July stretch. But you can find that dribble most anywhere. Let's talk about my quandary, eh?


    One part of not living in Philly really ...

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  4. Seriously, Why Not Have Just One Table?

    MLS announced this weekend that the Houston Dynamo will be switching conferences! This means that the club will NOW play......well, it means that their games will NOW be......actually, it doesn't mean much. More on that later. Why make the change then? Off the top, they did it to balance out the conferences now, with 9 clubs a side. Was it really necessary though? Let's take a look at the MLS structure ...

    Updated 01-29-2011 at 03:05 AM by drmellie

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  5. 4 for 4? No! I say.......

    I'm a Philly guy. I live in Seattle now, but fortunately, it's in my blood to always be a Philly guy. It's a welcome disease that Philly guys/gals have. It helps us through the daily challenges of life. We get to look forward to the dawn of a new season or, occasionally, a big game, throughout the year. We have a local interest in all 4 of the major sports, which gives us an edge on fans ...