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A Baseball Breakdown

Here I will look at baseball, specifically the Phillies, from a saber-metric standpoint.

  1. Rebound, Breakout or Bust; Part 2 of an ongoing series: A Merry Cliffmas Edition

    I thought that since Cliff Lee has a special place in most Phillies fans hearts, I would use him as my topic for my Christmas post. Now if you read my Cole Hamels edition, you will know what I plan on doing in this series and that is, I plan on projecting how players, whether on the Phillies or just around the league, will perform next season. So without further ado, I present, my Merry Cliffmas ...
  2. Rebound, Breakout or Bust; Part 1 of an ongoing series: Cole Hamels

    In this series I'll be evaluating the Phillies and whether certain players will rebound, breakout and unfortunately, who I think will bust. As I move along I think I will evaluate players from other teams, but for now I'll just do the Phillies. As the series move along you may notice I'm not mentioning players like Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, that is because they have nothing to rebound from, they have already ...
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